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Merging the eclectic instrumentation of Talking Heads with the ethereal vocals of Peter Gabriel, the two members of Prints mingle the precision of Brian Eno and the jubilance of Brian Wilson. Produced at home by the group, Prints resists precious tendencies, building from the unvarnished performances and otherworldy themes. The lyrics – often improvised and laid down live in one or two takes – create a lucid, dreamlike environment, marrying disparate images into fantastic and sometimes comical scenarios. Prints is that rarest of pop records, consistently rewarding with repeated listens – the distorted thumb piano lingering in the background on "Easy Magic" and the stereophonic vocal counterpoint throughout are particularly stunning. Its soul shines long after the hook has been worn down.

1. Easy Magic
2. Too Much Water
3. Pretty Tick
4. Meditation
5. Blue Jay
6. I Wanna Know
7. All We Knead
8. End

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