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Inventions Remixes


Inventions Remixes begins with Thee Loving Hand (Tim Goldsworthy of The DFA, Hercules and Love Affair) stripping "The World Outside" to almost nothing, and rebuilding it as a vintage European disco track from the ground up. Starting with a steady, far-off kick drum and a rogue, in-your-face hi hat, the song's seemingly disparate parts eventually lock into the kind of dirty disco that has made Goldsworthy a club legend. Equally club-friendly, !!!'s Justin Van Der Volgen brushes away the grit of the original "Inventions" and painstakingly buffs it to a shine as slick as black ice. The side-long trance mix maintains the sweaty atmosphere of the original, but removes the top-down drive in favor of a midnight jog. Strictly limited to a one-time pressing of 1,000 copies, Inventions Remixes is both an addendum to the successful reboot of Inventions For The New Season, as well as a testament to the broad spectrum of influences that flow in and out of Maserati's music.

1. The World Outside (Thee Loving Hand Remix)
2. Inventions (Justin Van Der Volgen's "Enjoy Your Prog" Remix)

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