Similes - Temporary Residence Ltd




The long-awaited follow-up to the acclaimed Copia, Eluvium takes a courageous creative leap with Similes, an 8-song album featuring three key musical elements previously unemployed by Eluvium: percussion, a verse-chorus song structure, and singing. For a celebrated experimental musician, it was just about the bravest and scariest direction to go. In this way, Similes is the most truly experimental Eluvium album yet, and also the most accessible. Written, performed and recorded as always by Matthew Cooper in his own Watership Sounds studio, Similes marries Eluvium's trademark dream-like aura with Cooper's unique, laconic vocals, akin to an especially contemplative Ian Curtis with trace reflections of Magnetic Fields and Brian Eno. It is the most daring – and ultimately most rewarding – work of Eluvium's impressive and prolific career.

1. Leaves Eclipse The Light
2. The Motion Makes Me Last
3. In Culmination
4. Weird Creatures
5. Nightmare 5
6. Making Up Minds
7. Bending Dream
8. Cease To Know

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