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Three Mile Pilot

The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten


Are we really here? Is this really happening? When we say that we never thought this day would come, we REALLY mean it. The rumor of a new Three Mile Pilot album has been circulating for over a decade, further fueling the mystery and mythology that has swirled around the San Diego trio since the 1997 release of what was thought to be their swan song, the enormously influential Another Desert, Another Sea. That brings us to the aptly-named The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten, the first Three Mile Pilot album in 13 years. While in many ways it is their most uncompromising album since their inception, it also happens to be their most accessible. While Pinback and The Black Heart Procession were obviously influenced by 3MP in their early days, the inverse can now be heard, with many of the songs on The Inevitable Past bearing the unmistakable and inevitable stamps of those 3MP-related bands. This circular influence is what makes the album so brilliant; instead of a proper hiatus, 3MP's progression was charted vicariously through its members' other groups. As such, The Inevitable Past makes good on the promising glimpses heard through a long but breathless wait. Yes, we are really here!

1. Battle
2. Still Alive
3. Grey Clouds
4. Same Mistake
5. What I Lose
6. Left In Vain
7. The Threshold
8. One Falls Away
9. Days Of Wrath
10. Planets
11. What's In The Air
12. The Premonition

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