Repetition - Temporary Residence Ltd

Kenseth Thibideau



Repetition is Kenseth Thibideau's first true solo album, following a long and rich history of collaborative efforts that includes Tarentel, Sleeping People, Rumah Sakit, Pinback and Three Mile Pilot. Thibideau wrote, performed, recorded and produced every note of Repetition. Inspired by an increasing obsession with the Can/Cluster/Harmonia/Tangerine Dream world of classic krautrock and European prog, Repetition fittingly centers around a series of circular melodies anchored by repetitive grooves and colored by swirling keyboards and understated vocals. It's a surprisingly diverse formula that proves extremely successful. Of the dozen or more projects that Thibideau has played a part in over the years, Repetition may be the most subtly rewarding. It's unusually understated for an album that adequately displays the many strengths of one of the west coast's most genuinely talented musicians, and thus makes each listen more revelatory than the last.

1. Black Hole
2. Moon 5
3. Eclipse
4. Moon 2
5. Disguise
6. Moon 4
7. Moon 8
8. Lost

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