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A Dot In Time.


A Dot In Time. collects the entire audio-visual output of the Books via 95 songs on 7 vinyl records, a 2-hour DVD, a 56-page picture book, and a cassette-shaped USB flash drive containing every song in high-quality MP3 format. Included in this set are all of the highly acclaimed original studio albums, remastered in 2011: Thought For Food, The Lemon of Pink, Lost and Safe, and The Way Out; also included is the previously unreleased double-album Music For A French Elevator and Other Oddities, a 45-track compendium of rare and previously unreleased tracks, all remastered in 2012 for this release. The Freedom From Expression DVD is also included here. Previously unreleased and compiled especially for this box set, it collects every video ever made by the Books, including several previously only seen in live concerts. Packaged in a sturdy, gorgeous full-color box, this is the exhaustive and perfectly fitting conclusion to one of underground music's most vital players of the past decade. This deluxe box set is strictly limited to 1,000 copies.

A1. Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again
A2. Read, Eat, Sleep
A3. All Bad Ends All
A4. Contempt
A5. All Our Base Are Belong To Them
B1. Thankyoubranch
B2. Motherless Bastard
B3. Mikey Bass
B4. Excess Straussess
B5. Getting The Done Job
B6. A Dead Fish Gains The Power of Observation
B7. Deafkids
C1. The Lemon of Pink I
C2. The Lemon of Pink II
C3. Tokyo
C4. Bonanza
C5. S Is For Evrysing
C6. Explanation Mark
C7. There Is No There
D1. Take Time
D2. Don't Even Sing About It
D3. The Future, Wouldn't That Be Nice
D4. A True Story of a Story of True Love
D5. That Right Ain't Shit
D6. PS
E1. A Little Longing Goes Away
E2. Be Good To Them Always
E3. Vogt Dig For Kloppervok
E4. Smells Like Content
E5. It Never Changes To Stop
F1. An Animated Description Of Mr. Maps
F2. Venice
F3. None But Shining Hours
F4. If Not Now, Whenever
F5. An Owl With Knees
F6. Twelve Fold Chain
G1: Group Autogenics I
G3. I Didn't Know That
G4. A Cold Freezin' Night
H1. Beautiful People
H2. I Am Who I Am
H3. Chain of Missing Links
H4. All You Need Is A Wall
H5. Thirty Incoming
I1. A Wonderful Phrase By Gandhi
I2. We Bought The Flood
I3. The Story of Hip Hop
I4. Free Translator
I5. Group Autogenics
J1: Vinyl Etching (No Audio)
K1. Fralite
K2. Egaberte
K3. Liternite
K4. It's Musiiiiic!
K5. The Joy of Nature
K6. Meditation Outtakes
K7. A Long Villainous Sequence
K8. Millions of Millions
K9. Of the Word God
K10. Ghost Train Digest
K11. You'll Never Be Alone
K12. 'Ah..., I See'
K13. Three Day Night
K14. Classy Penguin
L1. 8 Frame
L2. Smack My Bishop
L3. Biospheric Quiet
L4. Happy Lawyers
L5. Hericlitus
L6. John's Arp
L6. Foreign Country and Western
L7. Dustbowl
M1. Biospheric Doubletime
M2. Drowned But Survived
M3. Pickup Dark
M4. Hermetic
M5. Circle of Fifths Loop
M6. Past Comes Welling Up
M7. Electro Lawyers
M8. Mars, OK
M9. Biospheric Dark
M10. Flythrough
M11. Running Down
M12. 8 Tons of Oxygen
N1. 10,000 Crows
N2. John's Epiphany
N3. Lawyer Lullaby
N4. Hokie Ranch
N5. 2over3 Lawyers
N6. Glass Glass
N7. Biospheric Zither
N8. Found Frozen Corndog
N9. Cello Song Feat. Jose Gonzales
N10. Epilogue
N11. Pig

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