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Turing Machine

What Is The Meaning Of Remixes


Following the release of their remarkable final album, What Is The Meaning Of What, Brooklyn's Turing Machine commissioned a series of remixes from old friends and collaborators. The remixes – by Al Doyle of Hot Chip; Steve Moore's yacht-disco mistress, Lovelock; DFA's Balearic-tinged disco duo Still Going; and Jee Day (aka one-half of Museum of Love with LCD Soundsystem’s Pat Mahoney) – don't just rearrange Turing Machine's menacing psych-disco epics, they completely reinvent them. What Is The Meaning Of Remixes takes the group's signature wailing guitars, driving bass and synths, and Jerry Fuchs’ inhumanly tight drums and boils them into a sinister soundtrack of early 80s futuristic suspense. Every remix is completely unique, and yet the four pieces play surprisingly well together, and are guaranteed to get any club just the right kind of weird at the just the right time.

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