You Fucken Sucker - Temporary Residence Ltd

Paul de Jong

You Fucken Sucker


You Fucken Sucker is the new album by Paul de Jong, cofounder of beloved collage-pop eccentrics, the Books. Presented in the exact sequence in which it was conceived, You Fucken Sucker charts a grueling and complicated time span in de Jong's life.  Over the course of its 14 tracks – which range in length from 15 seconds to nearly 10 minutes – we hear complex tapestries of acoustic and electronic instrumentation submit to waves of unhinged screaming; found-sound assemblage seamlessly incorporating subtle R&B rhythms; Freudian funk; lo-fi prog-metal; and vast synth patch orchestration adding unexpected textures and tension to the whole spectacular mess. Like much of Paul de Jong's work, You Fucken Sucker is a genre unto itself, overflowing with innovative exploration of sounds and senses. Unlike his previous work, it is an unvarnished exposition of anger, frustration, misery and confusion. Perhaps most vitally, it is an opportunity for the rest of us to experience the kind of communal emotional purge more typical of his roots; pre-Internet basement punk rock shows – unafraid of being afraid.


1. Embowelment
2. It's Only About Sex
3. Doings
4. Dimples
5. The Wind
6. Almost Doomed
7. Doomed
8. Pipe Dream
9. You Fucken Sucker
10. Wavehoven
11. Goor
12. The Jar Bell
13. Johnny No Cash
14. Breaking Up

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