Hey, since we're making the new Maserati available for pre-order, we may we well offer up the brand new Majeure album as well! Majeure is, of course, the solo guise of Mr. A.E. Paterra of sci-fi prog-rock explorers, Zombi. This is Paterra's second album as Majeure, following the stunning Timespan, released in 2010. This new one, appropriately titled Solar Maximum, expands on the dynamic range of Timespan, and refines the overall ambiance that was hinted at on their epic side-long jam from the Steve Moore/Majeure split LP earlier this year. This one is killer, especially for fans of Zombi, Maserati, John Carpenter, good music, and brilliant album art. While supplies last, we have TWO different limited-edition colored vinyl variants, so jump on that ish! And in case that isn't enough badass for you, Maserati and Majeure are embarking on a mind-blowing, body-shaking, alternate-universe time warp traveling tour together!! Just kidding, there won't be an actual time warp, as far as we know.

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