For those of you that missed the face-meltingly spectacular single we leaked last month (fittingly titled "The Eliminator"), you are in for a hell of a treat! And for those of you that already know and have been pushing us to make this available, consider this our formal apology for holding out on you! This is an album of firsts for Maserati: their first conceived with badass new drummer Mike Albanese (replacing the dearly beloved and truly unforgettable Jerry Fuchs), their first recorded with the esteemed Kevin Ratterman (Young Widows, My Morning Jacket), their first mixed entirely by Steve Moore (Zombi), and their first to include vocals (albeit on only one song, and heavily processed, but that still counts)! This is their finest sounding record yet, and easily their most revved-up. As always, early birds get the limited-edition colored vinyl. And speaking of the vinyl, it comes housed in a super psy-fi intergalactastic gatefold jacket worthy of framing next to your signed photos of Neil Armstrong and Neil Peart.

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