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London, England's Fridge are no strangers to critical and fanatical praise. Since their debut release in 1997, the powerful young trio has grown up and expanded as an eager audience and a fickle British press waited for them to stumble over their success and prove to be just another flash in the pan. With the release of their fourth and most highly anticipated album, Happiness, the band exhales and raises the bar yet again. Fusing the cluttered electronic textures that dominated their last masterpiece, Eph, with the ambitious energy of their earlier albums, Fridge have created one of the most breathtaking experimental rock albums of this decade – of which the NME would call "

a genre-shrugging masterpiece of delicate musicianship and warm feeling."

1. Melodica and Trombone
2. Drum Machines and Glockenspeil
3. Cut Up Piano and Xylophone
4. Tone Guitar and Drum Noise
5. Five Four Child Voice
6. Sample and Clicks
7. Drums Bass Sonics and Edits
8. Harmonics
9. Long Singing

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