Eph Reissue


Eph Reissue


Now, for the first time ever, all of Fridge's Go! Beat-era recordings are available in one convenient package for a much more appealing price than the original imports. Included in the double-album set is the original Eph album in its entirety, plus a bonus album containing the long out-of-print "Kinoshita Terasaka" single, and the "Of" EP. Rounding out the set are two previously unreleased remixes from Matthew Herbert and Patrick Pulsinger, for a grand total of 100 minutes of music.

DISC ONE: 1. Ark
2. Meum
3. Transience
4. Of
5. Tuum
6. Bad Ischl
7. Yttrium
8. Aphelion

1. Kinoshita
2. Terasaka
3. Of (Version)
4. Of (Remix)
5. Of (Edit) 6.
Of (Dub)
7. Ark (Herbert's fully flooded mix)
8. Bad Ischl (Springverb remix by P Pulsinger)

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