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Being Ridden


Produced and recorded in the homes of Cex and Craig Wedren (Shudder To Think), Being Ridden is a monumental leap forward in the career of a guy who, at 21 years old, has already eclipsed many of his heroes in creative risk-taking and execution alone, not to mention shear accessibility. Layering acoustic guitars, hip-hop beats, dense bass, bells and witty, catchy-as-hell Fresh Prince-meets-Eminem-meets-Bright Eyes lyrical flow, Cex is just about the freshest mashing of genres ever unleashed. As unlikely as it seems to mix hip-hop party jams, warm IDM glitch and shades of emo and folk, he has unearthed a lost treasure; a heretofore undiscovered gold mine of brilliant beats, charming stories and witty rhymes. Flawlessly transforming an ideological train wreck into a whole pile of undeniable hits, Being Ridden is indeed "the real thing." Please note the the limited-edition Double LP includes both Being Ridden (TRR055) and Being Ridden Instrumentals (TRR056) in one package.

1. The Wayback Machine
2. You Kiss Like You're Dead
3. Not Working
4. Signal Katied
5. Earth-Shaking Event
6. Cex At Arm's Length
7. Stamina (feat. Venetian Snares)
8. See Ya Never, Sike
9. The Marriage
10. Other Countries
11. Brer Rjyan
12. Dead Bodies
13. Nevermind

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