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Being Ridden Instrumentals


Rather than release Being Ridden strictly in its original lyrical format, we're also releasing this all-instrumental version to appease DJ's and haters of rap alike! For those that felt more comfortable when Cex was merely an IDM superstar and not a party-rap-pop genius, we give you this warm blanket of instrumental treats. As an added bonus, there are three exclusive instrumental tracks on this disc that are not included on the vocal version. And if that's not sweet enough, the deluxe vinyl version of Being Ridden includes BOTH versions of the album for one reasonable price! Who loves you? We do.

1. You Kiss Like You're Dead (Instrumental)
2. The Wayback Machine (Instrumental)
3. Not Working (Instrumental)
4. Signal Katied (Instrumental)
5. Earth-Shaking Event (Instrumental)
6. Cex At Arm's Length (Instrumental)
7. My Hands Switched With Mannequin Hands
8. See Ya Never, Sike (Instrumental)
9. The Marriage (Instrumental)
10. Bad Girls
11. Brer Rjyan (Instrumental)
12. Dead Bodies (Instrumental)
13. M Ren Dvine

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