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We Move Through Weather


We Move Through Weather is Tarentel's most focused album since their 1999 debut, From Bone To Satellite. However, the similarities stop there. Now stripped to a trio (Sonna's Jim Redd completes the line-up on drums), the sound is almost entirely intuitive. Virtually every song is built from expansive improvisations of sweeping drones and walls of discordant feedback. Where taut, meticulous guitar melodies once drove their songs to conclusion, thunderous drumming now navigates the group through an uncertain abyss of layered noise, horn bursts (courtesy of musician Steve Dye's arsenal of homemade instruments) and the occasional lonely piano. Perhaps for the first time since their inception, the studio Tarentel and the live Tarentel are one and the same. With nearly all obvious reference points now removed, their music has become incredibly difficult to describe.

1. Hello! We Move Through Weather!
2. Elephant Shoes
3. Get Away From Me You Clouds Of Doom
4. Klankity-Klank
5. Bump Past, Cut Up Through Windows
6. Everywhere The Damn Echo
7. A Cloud No Bigger Than A Man's Hand
8. We're The Only Ghosts Here

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