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Starship Galactica


Originally released on the small UK imprint 555 Recordings, Starship Galactica was both impossible to find and none-too-durable (a single piece of paper folded over the CD and tucked into a thin plastic sleeve). It quickly fell apart and fell out-of-print and has been lingering on eBay ever since. At that time, Cex's rise in popularity had only just begun. Now, four years later, a reissue of this treasure is long overdue. The very sound for which artists like Prefuse 73 and Four Tet are so universally championed these days is represented here in spades, several years before either of those artists brought it above ground. Along with the original eight tracks, we have included a few lost gems from Cex's early days, all lovingly remastered and repackaged. Recorded way back in 1996, the three previously unreleased bonus tracks are rumored to be the very first songs that Cex composed on his computer. These reveal the seeds of the ideas that would later sprout into the genre-busting chaos that turned groups like The Postal Service, Super Furry Animals and Mogwai into devoted fans and tour mates. Some think he's a total genius, others think he's a total spazz. Starship Galactica proves that he's actually both.

1. Intro
2. Cal And Brady Style
3. Tattoo Of A Barcode
4. Get In Yr Squads
5. Hi Scores
6. Cex Can Kiss My Soft, Sensuous Lips
7. Your Handwriting When You Were A Child In The Winter
8. Starship Galactica
9. Friends Fall Down
10. Monster-Face Pills
11. Bunky

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