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Ghetto Beats On The Surface Of The Sun


Immediately following the release of their acclaimed 2004 album, We Move Through Weather, Tarentel built on their forward momentum by recording another several hours worth of material, its fate to be determined at a later date. Tarentel don't follow up their albums so much as follow through them. To that end, Ghetto Beats On The Surface Of The Sun is more of an exploded view of the world the band has built and un-built for over a decade, each track acting as a map to an increasingly cosmic landscape. Originally released as a limited edition series of vinyl albums, Ghetto Beats is collected here on two discs – a full two and a half hours of music. It is a sun-baked cluster of ragged rhythms, splintered sound and scorched shimmer. The production is a caustic mix of hi- and lo-fi, creating a strange sense of timelessness, like discovering a black and white photograph of the future. Available in a numbered, limited edition quadruple gatefold jacket, Ghetto Beats On The Surface Of The Sun is a widescreen projection of unspeakable charm and unlikely beauty.

1. Everybody Fucks With Somebody
2. All Things Vibrations
3. Dreamtigers
4. Ghost Trees
5. Le Trash Can
6. Ghetto Ghosts
7. Sun Place
8. Donkey-Bunny
9. Tied To A Tree In A Jungle Of Mystery
10. Cosmic Dust

1. Stellar Envelope
2. A Crystal The Size Of Our Moon In The Heart Of A Pulsating White Dwarf
3. Mirrors, Gardens
4. As Quiet As Silentifically Possible
5. Warm Glass
6. Fever Sleep
7. Sleep Map
8. Whistle In The Wires
9. Somebody Fucks With Everybody
10. Where Time Forgot
11. Isalais Delay
12. You Do This. I¹ll Do That.
13. Lake Light

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