Sketchi - Temporary Residence Ltd




Six years in the making, Sketchi is Cex's densest, darkest album yet. Slow-moving ambient dirges that are heavy on the beats, and light on vocals (being instrumental and all). There are sounds in these songs that you will swear are not of this world, and truth be told, you never know with the Cexman. Take all your clothes off, paint your face, beat your fists into the floor and pray that this lasts forever. But it can't, and this strange brew is strictly limited to 1,000 copies, carefully assembled by hand and numbered by the loving fingers of the TRL staff. You know what they say about too much of a good thing...

1. Damon Kvols
2. Rattler Bin
3. Waiting 4 Yankovic
4. Camber Sands
5. Goober Says
6. Oregon Ridge
7. Suffocating Champion
8. God Blessing

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