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The Sun


It may have been a while since Fridge's last record (Happiness), but contrary to what some may think the band never went away, never went on sabbatical, and certainly never broke up. In fact, they gradually stretched a little at the edges, and ended up with a bigger, wider sound than ever for their new record, The Sun. The pure and simple fun of playing music with friends in a garage pours from this record. It's the impulse behind everything the band does. But The Sun is still orchestrated with all the musical intelligence for which the members of Fridge are renowned. Process is key, with the studio itself being integrated as one of the instruments Fridge plays, but it's the harmonies that hold The Sun together, connecting the dots between their disparate interests and influences.

1. The Sun
2. Clocks
3. Our Place in This
4. Drums of Life
5. Eyelids
6. Oram
7. Comets
8. Insects
9. Lost Time
10. Years and Years and Years...

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