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Early Output 1996-1998


Originally released on Trevor Jackson's fledgling Output Recordings, Fridge's early releases playfully skated all over the musical map, jumping from bashing lo-fi punk to sublime expanses of downtempo dance with equal enthusiasm. Always produced by the band at home (and often mixed directly to cassette), these early records drew much deserved fanfare. With Output Recordings now defunct, and Fridge having spawned no less than three successful side-projects (most notably Four Tet, Adem and Kieran Hebden's collaborations with jazz legend Steve Reid), the time seemed right for a compilation of the band's seminal early material. Early Output 1996-1998 is a band-curated collection of the most memorable tracks from those wildly prolific early years, including six previously unreleased tracks. Remastered from the original master tapes, the package also includes photos and extensive liner notes from friends, collaborators, and the band members themselves.

1. EH4-800 Phase Shifter
2. Lojen
3. EDM 1
4. Helicopter
5. Zedex Ay Ti Wan
6. Anglepoised
7. Astrozero
8. Concert In Your House
9. Triumphant Homecoming
10. Lign (Extended Mix)
11. For Force
12. Cassette
13. A Slow
14. Swerve And Spin
15. Orko
16. Distance
17. Eff
18. Arr
19. Eye
20. Dee
21. Dji

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